An 8-year-old child offers his birthday gift to the cats of a shelter

There is a few days, little Tallen Caron celebrated his eighth birthday. And because there is no age to become a hero, this child from Kenora, a small Canadian town in the province of Ontario, decided to share his gift with his friends in 4 paws.

He chooses cats rather than toys

The little boy has indeed donated the money he received for his birthday to the cats of a shelter , the one where his dear and tender tomcat, Stanley, was adopted a little over a year ago.

His mother, Sheri, is of course very proud of him. "I just thought it was a wonderful idea," she says at kenoradailyminerandnews . "He gets a lot of presents all year round, and he felt like the cats needed money, he says that people always give for dogs and they are not as likely to give for the cat shelter, "she explains.

Tallen received $ 260 for his birthday. He bought a Lego helicopter and a football with $ 60. All the rest, the little boy gave it to the shelter.

"Is not it remarkable?"

This generosity has greatly affected the shelter staff, including Celynn Alcock, who directs it. "How can you imagine a little child having the idea of ​​doing something like that instead of having gifts?" she wonders before saying that this is not as rare as one might think.

Five or six children do the same thing every year , she explains without being encouraged by their parents. "Is not it remarkable?" says Celynn Alcock

If the animals do not tire of giving us lessons of courage and dedication, some children are also very good examples to follow. This is the case of little Tallen, like this girl who a few weeks ago, decided to sell all her toys to pay for veterinary costs of her cat.