Amos, this dog artist painted on digital tablet

Did you know that there are applications on digital tablets for animals?

If our 4-legged companions are naturally good at they also know how to take advantage of new technologies. The latest proof is the Dooble Buddy . It allows doggies (and humans) to express their artistic talents

Make your dog an artist!

In the same way that children can have fun scribbling a sheet of paper, dogs can now draw on tablet or iPad.

In a video published on the website of the school of canine training Schoolforthedogs , Anna Jane Grossman, the director shows us the talents of her doggie. She also intends to offer some of these works to her friends for Christmas.

Amos, doggie artist uses his nose to create digital masterpieces ! He does it of course because he is well trained at that. In any case the idea is fun and will certainly want iPad owners to initiate their dog.

And you, do you want to turn your dog into Van Dogh?