Allo animal lost: a phone number to save animals

As every year, and like all animal welfare associations, the SPA is preparing for the summer holidays and the wave of abandonment that she will have to face. But not only. There are also all these lost animals, often small runaways disturbed by a change of environment and habits.

But the association counts on each one of us to help these animals and the owners of dogs and cats disappeared during holidays, when they were far from home and confused by the loss of their bearings.

Lost or found a lost animal? Call 0 800 300 400

This year, the SPA has set up the service Allo Animal Perdu, a toll free number since June 15 from Monday to Saturday, from 8:30 to 20h. At the end of the line, SPA employees and volunteers determined to help teachers and animals find their way as quickly as possible.

To date, only 17% of lost dogs would find their owners...

"Our service Hello Lost Animal helps those who have lost or found an animal by putting them in touch with a SPA professional who will advise and reassure them in these moments of anxiety and distress , says Natacha Harry , the President of the SPA

Advice on the steps to be taken, useful contacts, the identification of the animal: the people who have lost their animal are of course strongly invited to dial this number, but also all those who on their path could cross a dog or a cat seeming lost.

The SPA has set up a partnership with the I-CAD, whose application Filalapat, dedicated to lost and found animals, has just been launched. The user can for example create a space dedicated to his animals, declare the disappearance of his 4-legged companion, broadcast an announcement to other users, declare an animal found, activate the geolocation system to see all animals lost or found in a defined area.

For its part, the association, which recalls that abandonment is a crime punishable by 2 years in prison and a fine of € 30,000 , undertake to inform I-Cad as soon as a disappearance has been reported to him

> Have you lost or found an animal? Call 0 800 300 400