Allergy to dogs

Allergy Dogs is more common than we think. Dog hair is not usually the cause of allergic reactions: hair allergens , mixed with pet saliva and dead skin are the source of your allergies. allergies

Allergies to dogs are less common than cats. The intensity and severity of your allergy will depend on the size of your pet (a Saint Bernard will lose much more hair than a Chihuahua and therefore present more risk to your health). Children are particularly at risk, being at the height of dog hair or cat suspended

Differences between dog breeds

Some dogs are hypoallergenic. Some do not lose their hair, so you will cause few allergies . This is the case, among others, of the Poodle, Schnauzer, Bichon Frize and Chinese Crested Dog.


In the case of severe allergies or asthma, the solutions are often radical: you will have to separate from your pet The desensitizations on very allergic persons have so far not been very convincing, because they can only mitigate reactions, but do not make them disappear.

If you can not resolve to separate from your pet, be sure to brush your coat every day, get rid of the carpets that hold the hair, wash your pet frequently. The vacuum cleaner should be regularly passed in order to eliminate hairs that have fallen.

Finally, forbid your pet access to all bedrooms

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