Alice in Wonderland, the movie: discover the White Rabbit

In Alice in Wonderland , the new Tim Burton film, Martin Sheen lends his voice to the famous White Rabbit. Focus on a special preparation for the actor

Freely adapted from Lewis Carroll's novel, the film has kept all the key characters in the story. Among them, the White Rabbit, always late and with his fob watch in hand, which drives Alice into the fantastic world. To interpret this very fanciful role, Martin Sheen has adapted his game and his voice to the animal .

One can easily imagine that the role of a talking rabbit is very different from what one was able to propose to Martin Sheen before! Some small tics of the animal had to be worked. "I lived with a family of rabbits," jokes the actor. " It was a very challenging learning, having to nibble noises all the time. "

In addition to this character trait, Martin Sheen had to go back to the book of his childhood and reclaim the character for this film. Make the illustrious White Rabbit speak was not easy task and asked for work and imagination to achieve a result up to the expectations of fans and fans of the book.

The actor admits that he secretly hoped to don the perfect rabbit outfit for this role: " I would have given everything to wear big ears, a long tail, and jump everywhere. I would have loved that.

What I like about this movie is that the animals really look like animals. They have not been humanized .

Martin Sheen, who plays Aro in the Twilight Saga , adds a fun, but still worked, facet to his acting career.

Cat lovers will not be disappointed because the rabbit is not the only pet in Alice in Wonderland : the intriguing Cheshire Cat , to whom Stephen Fry lends his voice , has not been forgotten.