Alessi: useful objects and design for your animals

It's in the heart of Paris, Place de la République, that the Italian brand Alessi has presented this Thursday, July 10 his new collection dedicated to cats and dogs . A real little "pet party" was organized for the occasion

Bored of your saddles stainless steel, plastic or porcelain? Alessi found the solution: by designing a collection of products for animals as design as useful, the Italian maestro redecorates your kitchen to the delight of your four-legged friends!

Dog bowls, bowls for cats, and bowls for storing croquettes : these are the colorful products created by Miriam Mirri for the Italian brand Alessi. As many accessories that attract dogs and cats, and encourage them to take their meals.

It's not the stuffed place of the Republic at the "pet party" organized by Alessi, who will say the opposite... Continental dwarf spaniel, Pinscher dwarf, Bichon and Braque Weimar, who met on this occasion, have all rushed on these pretty objects arranged to their height, and filled with sweets! A moment of conviviality, without any animosity between the dogs, unanimously delighted to share this funny meal between friends!

Very playful and original , bowls and bowls are available in several bright colors: green, red, blue or black. Whatever their location, they illuminate the room in which they are arranged, giving it a modern and cheerful side.

The "petnic", a basket for picnic

The flagship production of Alessi, c is the "Petnic", a travel cart for pets designed by Miriam Mirri: "Petnic invites us to continue life with our animal friend even outside the house, mixing for once our objects (book, newspaper, toys, water...) in the basket dedicated to it ", explains the designer

Indeed, Petnic is an alliance between a practical storage utensil and a useful travel basket. It allows to have at hand, at home or on the move, all the necessary for the care of our four-legged friends .

The basket is reality in polypropylene with a corrugated outer surface, reminiscent of wicker baskets. It has a wide handle and a lid consisting of two detachable parts that turn into two bowls for water and food. And again, the product is available in several colors: green, gray, or pomegranate.

Do not wait: for more information and to place an order, visit Alessi .

Elisa Gorins