Alert: Wallonia makes the sterilization of all cats mandatory

Victory for many animal defenders: in Belgium, Wallonia has just legislated to make the sterilization of domestic cats mandatory. A world first

It is a unique law in the world that has just emerged, to the greatest relief of the animal defenders: all domestic cats in Wallonia must be sterilized and identified obligatorily from 2017 . This measure is valid for all cat owners in the region who will have to pay the costs of sterilization and identification themselves. Only farms will be able to request a special exemption from the Walloon Region to reproduce their cats.

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Sterilization and identification required at the expense of the owners

This measure, exemplary for all European countries, will be implemented from next March and for a limited time, the objective being to regulate the feline population and not to make the species disappear. At present, the overpopulation of cats poses a real problem since many of them - domestic or not - who are not sterilized reproduce excessively, generating in particular a saturation in the refuges. Once the balance between abandonment and adoption has returned, it will then be possible to revisit this law.

Many associations welcome the decision of the Walloon government. In particular the association GAIA whose representatives have also welcomed Thursday morning the initiative of Carlo DI Antonio, Walloon Minister of Environment and Animal Welfare. The politician was given a symbolic gift on the occasion of the end of the year celebrations: a life-size cat... in chocolate!

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