Alert: watch out for your cats if you live in the Bouches-du-Rhône!

In La Ciotat, several cases of disappearance of cats and acts of cruelty have been reported. If you live nearby, stay vigilant...

On June 25, Bruno and Sylvette, who live in La Ciotat, found their cat in a poor state, in front of their gate. They immediately took him to the vet who revealed that their feline had been shot at by shotgun shooting . The couple decided to make a complaint.

Disappearances and acts of cruelty multiply

But who wants so much to the cats of the Ciotat? This is not the first time we attack one of them. For some time, mysterious disappearances and acts of cruelty have multiplied in the region. A few days ago, the corpse of a cat was found in the bottom of a garbage can...

In Provence, Chantal of the association Les 4 A affirms that "the history of Sylvette is not an isolated case. We got wind by several inhabitants of the district of a white van , banalized and registered in the Hérault, "she explains to the newspaper. This would have been seen several times in the area, but it is not possible, to date, to know more. Have the cats been removed? And if so, for what purpose? Only an investigation will determine the cause of these acts. In the meantime, if you live in the area, watch out for your animals!

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