Alert: NASA prepares to send animals into space to colonize Mars!

To see how life can develop outside of Earth, NASA announced tonight that it will send dogs and cats to conquer Mars. here to 2020.

As global warming destroys our planet a little more every day, the scientific community is seriously considering moving to conquer space in order to allow life to settle elsewhere. Echoing the wishes of the Trump administration, which aims to send humans to Mars in the 2030s, NASA said tonight in a statement on its website that it would send - in the course of 2020 - a real "Noah's Ark" in the space .

Made up of a dozen pairs of different animals (dogs, cats but also gerbils, rabbits, geese, monkeys, pigs, cows...), this menagerie will have two missions: to prove that terrestrial organisms can adapt to life under oxygen bubble (the atmosphere of Mars is not breathable) and to reproduce on this planet to implant life . Robots - designed in close collaboration with Miraikan - will be on site to ensure their well-being and good health

A carefully chosen animal elite

Animals to colonize Mars will be selected by NASA by January 2018. They will have to be tall, strong, healthy, very calm and well socialized... Then they will undergo various trainings to gradually get used to the flight and the life above ground. Will they survive? For now, no one knows. But Donald Trump has already seized his Twitter account to say that he welcomed this initiative and would go in person on the training camp before the launch of the mission to encourage animals:

A small step for animals, a big good (backward) for humanity

And if like us at AllCreatureAnimalClinic you are against this unprecedented madness... you can always sign our petition in by clicking on this link !

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