Ale Wagger, beer to help abandoned animals

To associate trade and the animal cause seems impossible at first glance. The world of associations does not generally go with the consumer society...

And yet, in the United States, a famous brand of beer intends to combine business and awareness to the cause of beer. abandoned animals . Saint Arnold, a Texas-based company that has been making beer for years, will be reissuing one of its oldest drinks to boost sales while taking part in an animal welfare project .

Beer for the rescue of animals

From Monday, new bottles of dark beer with the name "Ale Wagger" will be offered to customers. On every pack of beer sold, $ 1 will be donated to BARC shelter as part of a partnership with the municipality, to promote adoption , sterilization and castration of animals .

"Hopefully, the animals will be all in better shape and happier ," said Brock Wagner, founder of the company. Particularly touched by the plight of abandoned animals, he already has himself five hairballs rescued from a shelter: three dogs and two cats, with whom he spends a large part of his free time. He would adopt many others if he could, but his five companions are already taking a lot of time and space in his life!

Wagner explained that his main goal, by creating the Ale Wagger, is develop a good relationship with the BARC , the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (" Office of Regulation and Animal Care "). A partnership where everyone gets their money , since the notoriety of the beer will serve to draw the attention of the general public to the BARC, besides that the customers will a good action by buying the Ale Wagger.