Albertville's cats inherit 300,000 euros

Before his death last January, an Albertvilloise decided to put the wandering cats of the municipality on his will...

There are people who have animals and others who love them deeply so much that they are really ready for anything for them. Originally from the city of Albertville, Eugénie Bernier chose to bequeath all of her heritage - 300,000 euros - to her commune, reported Le Dauphiné . Deceased earlier this year, the latter had however imposed "to allocate this legacy to the maintenance and welfare of cats , either directly or by support to the associations of defense and protection of cats, including the Free Chat Association.

Free Chat Association ? Volunteers who fight to protect and keep stray felines in their place of capture. Their mission is to sterilize each animal to prevent their proliferation, to identify and feed them daily.

Municipal Talks

At the municipal council on Monday night, the mayor of Alberta announced to take this case very seriously . It is currently in full reflection with the Chambéry SPA and the association Chat Libre on the use of these funds fallen from the sky.

Moreover, do not forget that the refuges of France and Navarre always need a little help: food, financial donations, toys, blankets, cages... everything is good to provide a little comfort to animals in need! Your generosity is the best way to help them continue their actions. So, at this time of Christmas, also think about them.

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