Aggency in the video clip of the group Ok Go

Ok Go , the american pop-rock group made up of 3 imaginative and talented troublemakers, returns with a new album, Of the Blue Color of the Sky , a new title, White Knuckles , and a new video (with dogs)

Accustomed to vitamin clips , Developed, and shot in one shot sequence, OK Go is back in force with a video featuring full agility .

dogs go up and down a ramp, jump obstacles, advance, retreat, turn on themselves... They obey the finger and the eye! We thank the group Ok Go for giving a beautiful image of this

White Knuckles (Will you find the goat hidden in the clip?):

Ok Go, White Knuckles

A strong message for adoption

Au beyond performance, the Ok Go group is committed to the adoption of abandoned dogs and invites its fans to donate to ASCPA, the equivalent of our National SPA

The group members point out that most of the dogs in the video come from adoption. This is the proof that there is a life after abandonment !

They also thank this canine team on their website: " These four-legged rock stars have worked harder than us (and far less complaining), and have kept us laughing during practice and filming. "