90 Years old, he can not take care of his cats but gives them the most beautiful gifts

A very beautiful story.

Phoebe and Fluffy are two adorable pussies who arrived at a shelter because their 90-year-old master could no longer take care of them .

A beautiful encounter

More than ten years ago, a stray and pregnant cat landed in front of a couple's door. Immediately, the couple decides to install it at their home so that she can have her little ones warm . And it is only natural that they decided to keep the mother and her three babies with them.

"Phoebe and Fluffy lived for 13 years at his side despite the death of his wife three years ago.

Unfortunately, the 90-year-old man was forced to leave the two sisters in a shelter because he was unable to deal with it properly. A decision very difficult to take even if it was for their good. Once in the shelter, Fluffy and Phoebe are proposed for adoption.

But quickly the members of the shelter realize that the two cats have a very strong bond and will not be able to live without one. the other. The family that adopts one will have to take care of the other. And this to the delight of their former master who dreamed only of that.

A new family

The Golden Girls

After several weeks of waiting, a wonderful family finally came forward to adopt the two sisters. Renowned Blanche and Sophia, the two pussies quickly acclimatised to their new home where they can quietly end their lives.

"We are very happy to have been able to offer their former master this comfort to know that his two cats are safe and loved. We are also very happy to have helped Phoebe and Fluffy to find a new family , "said the shelter.

A" happy end "as we like them!

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