After years of managing a puppy mill, this breeder has changed his mind

A US breeder in the state of Tennessee once had a click: it was time to think about the well-being of its dogs.

This American has been breeding small breed dogs for decades, under summary conditions: all lived in outdoor enclosures and received little care. They still had water, food and shelter available, were not sufficiently socialized and stimulated, and had health problems for the most part.

The photos of the rescue :

Puppy Mill

© Animal Rescue Corps

A Deserved Retreat

As a young breeder decided one day in 2016 to contact a local association, Animal Control Rescue Corps (ARC) to help him take care of the dogs he still had. The association already knew this puppy mill, but no law being broken, it could not act to help the animals. But thanks to the farmer's call, RCAF personnel were able to finally rescue 13 dogs in dilapidated enclosures . They were 7 to 15 years old and all had health problems.

Rather than having them euthanized, this breeder decided that after a sad life, it was time to offer these breeding dogs, a Cozy retirement basket Now the future awaits: catered to by the RCA, all dogs are currently waiting at the Families for Life Refuge.

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