After wanting to become mayor, Barsik the cat targets the Russian Presidential election

The feline's political ambitions have just grown. After the municipal elections in his Siberian city, he announced on December 16th that he wanted to run for the Russian presidential election.

He's already a real star on the Internet: last year, when he was only 18 months old, he had made the buzz by running as a candidate for the Barnaul Municipal. This time, the Scottish Fold called Barsik goes even further, reported Sputnik News . Determined to run for the office of Russian President in 2018 ... he poses as a serious rival to Vladimir Putin

"Barsik decided to compete for the main post of the country. He is preparing an appropriate political statement to be unveiled in the near future. A team of professionals will help him ", expresses a message posted Friday on page Vkontakte famous cat on the Web.

The cat, guilty of misinformation?

And supports to this fur politician whose slogan is "Only mice do not vote for Barsik" are many: "I vote for Barsik", can we read in particular under his post. Nevertheless, the feline - known for making fun of the liberals opposed to Vladimir Putin and corrupt politicians - was still recently accused of misinformation by the US Embassy in Russia. In question, a fake published on its social networks ...

A first pan that was prejudicial to him? Yes, maybe... but no. He who was planning to organize flash mobs all over the country to talk about his campaign has been refused. This one simply did not meet the requirements for candidates.

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