After a visit to the groomer, this cat leaves with a very special look!

The mistress of Jin Jin wanted to help his faithful companion to bear the heat by lightening his hair. Except that the groomer had a very heavy hand on the mower...

Jin Jin will remember his last visit to the groomer, and his mistress even more. This Persian tomcat lives in Taiwan where temperatures can be very high and make his daily life difficult because of his thick fur. So that he does not suffer too much heat, his mistress, Xie Qian Qian l so from time to time takes a professional for a few scissors. As the mercury started to climb, she decided a few weeks ago that it was time to go back. But very taken by her job, she asked a friend to drop the cat in a living room, with specific instructions.

A Catastrophe

Usually, Jin Jin is entitled to a lion cut , with shortened hairs all over her body to the neck where her mane is left as is.

The usual cut of Jin Jin

Except that her instructions have obviously not been well interpreted since when she is went to get it, she could barely recognize it and even less understand the concept of this strange cut. All his hair had been shorn very short, except for the front of his head, between the eyes and the jaw, giving the impression that the Persian wears a mask !

Surprise but also very amused by this new look, it makes the confession rather comic, Xie Qian Qian published photos on Facebook that were not slow to make the buzz. At the The Dodo website, she explains that even her husband, initially furious with hair slaughter, ended up laughing at Jin Jin.

The cat itself did not look very disturbed by his extreme cut . "She is a very sweet and kind cat," she explains. Fortunately, his hair has already begun to repel, erasing the impression of cat disguised as a cat.

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