After spending her whole life locked in a cage, this bitch discovers the world!

Locked up in a tiny cage in the basement for all his life, this little poodle does not hide his joy of discovering the world!

BB is a small poodle puppy who has spent all his life trapped in a small cage in a basement. So she never had a chance to see the light of day or just lie in the sun for a few minutes.

Happy rescue

When found by by Humane Society of the United States , BB is very small and seems helpless and resigned. She is then taken to an animal clinic where she crosses the road to Brenda Tortoreo, who is a receptionist. The latter cracks right away for this adorable little dog who stays in his corner and seems totally lost . She then decides to take her home to give her another chance.

"When I dropped B.B. on the floor at home, she seemed totally lost and continued walking in circles. I guess she could not do anything else , "says Brenda Tortoreo

First scared by everything she saw, B.B. has gradually taken its marks in his new home and begins to enjoy his garden to stretch his legs and discover new sensations. And if she was totally terrified by the grass when she ventured there for the first time, this is no longer the case today!

"She really came out of her shell. It's my little princess .

That's BB, a little poodle who has spent all her life locked in a


She was very small and defenseless

Brought to a clinic, BB met her life

After a shy beginning, BB has found its mark in his human

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