After Paul the Pony, Shiva the Guinea Pig delivers his predictions for the World Cup

More than a few hours before the long-awaited kick-off of the 2014 World Cup! Everyone remembers Paul the Octopus, who had brilliantly announced the results of the maths of the German team 4 years ago.

Know that a worthy substitute, or rather a worthy substitute has been found by the Switzerland! His little name? Mrs. Shiva. His particuliarity ? It is a guinea pig!

The role of guinea pigs in Ecuador

The adorable rodent has been chosen as a mascot by the Swissaid NGO, to raise public awareness of the fate of peasants from Ecuador , for whom guinea pigs are extremely important.

More and more of them are taking the path of organic agriculture by raising rodents, which they use. dung as manure. The charity helps these people by teaching them how to turn guinea feces into fertilizer

A victory announced by a drunk

Mrs. Shiva has already delivered her first prognosis, and will do it for all the matches that will play the Swiss team, the Nati. It will face Ecuador next Sunday, and if we believe the small droppings deposited by the rodent on the mini football field created just for her, the Nati will win!

A prognosis shared by Gilbert Gress, former coach of the Swiss team. "I agree with Mrs Shiva, Switzerland will win," he says.

Ecuador will not be crushed, however, it seems. The hairy oracle was first directed towards the Ecuadorian goals and sniffed the lawn for a moment before taking the opposite direction and drop his little dung on the Swiss side of the field...

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