After a lifetime of living in a hut, is Floppy the oldest dog in the world?

Floppy, it's the small name of a dog that could to make his entry into the record books. This dog has spent his entire life in refuge in Switzerland, and this life is so long that his protectors think he is the dog the oldest in the world

21 years old in a shelter

Floppy has just celebrated his 21st birthday at the Veterans Oasis in Vaulruz, a shelter that collects and cares for older abandoned dogs. And as reported The Morning , this loulou became the mascot of the refuge where he would have received a mountain of gifts for his birthday.

A big party, with cake to the meat and candles please, was organized in honor of this dog who spent the first 14 years in refuge before joining this association. His fourteen godparents and all his friends from the shelter were there. And to top it all off, "we applied for verification in the Guinness Book of Records," says Mikaël Villard, one of the leaders of the Veterans Oasis .

A peaceful end to life

Floppy was born in an Italian hut near Milan. When he was 14, he was collected by the Veterans Oasis with one of his companions in misfortune, Flash. But he was lucky enough to find a family while Floppy never interested any visitor...

What is the secret of Floppy's longevity? We are unaware of this, but even though he is naturally calmer and more relaxed than in his younger years and although he can hardly hear anything, the canine dean of the shelter and perhaps the world is still great shape . He does not suffer from osteoarthritis and his appetite is still great.

Floppy "loves to rediscover the garden every day, as if everything is new, sleeping in the sun or on a sofa near the radiator," says Mikaël. The doggie also likes to watch videos of dogs and cats. Yes, there is no age to discover the joys of the Internet!

It is at the Oasis, with the humans who have been caring for him for 7 years that Floppy will finish his days. Because of his 21 years, "he is more to adopt.It is too used to the life that it has here It would be as if it was abandoned" explains Mikaël.

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