After the "dangerous" dog muzzle, here is the

In the canton of Vaud , in Switzerland, we still want give a chance to those so called, most of the time wrong, " naughty dogs ". And to make their bite harmless, a Member of the House argues for the dental sconce, replacing the muzzle.

What is a dental sconce? What are the differences with the muzzle? Is it effective? Answers

The dental sconce, an alternative to the muzzle?

When a dog is afraid, when he feels aggrieved or in danger, he defends himself by using his most effective weapon: his fangs These fade some people, especially when they imagine them planting themselves in their skin. Thus, to make the dog's teeth harmless and to ensure the safety of the individuals, the muzzle has been designed. Object rather annoying for the animal that can no longer open the mouth and is found impeded by solid straps.

The dental applique would be a way to replace the muzzle . The Jerome Christen explains the advantages: " The dogs accept it very well," says the MP, "so the owners are more willing to put it in. And for the animals, it's a lot more They are able to drink, eat, play normally .

The inventor of the process, Tim Saciri , explains that with this apparatus, everyone is a winner : " The dog can evolve unhindered, the owner knows that his dog is harmless and the public is safe .

German Shepherd wearing a dental sconce

Is the dental sconce as effective as the muzzle?

A journalist from the newspaper Le Matin kindly took part in an experiment to test the object. He was allowed to bite his arm by a German six year old Shepherd wearing the wall lamp. As a result, the journalist experienced only a slight pinch sensation and small redness on the forearm.

Dog bite test wearing a dental sconce

Dental sconce and muzzle really necessary?

Is not it a little easy to muzzle dogs with a "dangerous" reputation? Are these aggressive dogs violent because they were born violent or because they were educated for this purpose ? As a human being, we know that we are the fruit of the education we have received and the experiences we have had. Why would animals be so different

Is the dental sconce really a solution for these dogs? " This will never replace the dog's education - it can be compared to an airbag in a car - it's extra security but in no way a reason to ride ," explains Jerome Christen

The success of the dental sconce

The sconce is still little known, but Tim Saciri can nevertheless boast of having already sold 1 300 copies . This model appeals to the deputies of the canton of Vaud but also to the German behavioralists who use it for the care of dogs considered as very dangerous.

This novelty reassures somewhat the anxious masters of the canton of Vaud anxiously awaiting the new law on dogs being revised Masters fear a hardening of the law or the establishment of a list of breeds of dogs prohibited. For now, nothing filters, and we will also have to wait for the verdict of the authorities to know more.

And what do you think of this dental fixture to replace the muzzle?