After the cats' coffee, here is the coffee of the rats!

It's been several months since the madness cat bars and cafes have spread all over the world . In England, and London in particular, was not spared.

But already a new concept of tea room was born in the English capital. Resembling in all respects the phenomenon of cafes cat, it has a difference in size. Because it's not cats that customers will find, but rats !

Countering prejudices on rats

For many years, rats have been known as creatures dirty and harmful , and sometimes even nasty. Yet it is not so! The rat is a very clean animal that can be particularly affectionate with the man, and attaches a lot to his master. Very intelligent , they also have an adorable little face, which makes them very popular pets.

To help people change their minds about rats, the Rat Café opened in London. By sipping on a hot Ratuccino ", customers were given the opportunity to see domestic rodents roaming freely , coming and going as they please without fear of getting on people's shoulders!

Unfortunately for fans of these big rodents, the Rat Café in London is actually only a temporary event , having been set up by big rat lovers. But in the face of public reaction, because many people have come forward to come to the Rat Café , it is quite possible that the experience is renewed . And why not, create a temple of rats where to have tea with friends!