After being mistreated, this dog helps his peers by giving his blood

Winston, it's the little name of a dog not quite like the others.

This Boxer living in Oklahoma, USA, did not have a peaceful existence. Mistreated by his first humans, he can now boast of saving the lives of many other dogs

The Boxer, a universal blood donor

Winston is indeed a donor blood. Thanks to him, many of his fellows were treated, like Barkley, a little Yorkshire Terrier who had recently been operated on by the spleen and lost a lot of blood during the procedure.

But thanks to Winston, he is now in good health , and his masters will be eternally grateful for this generous gift.

" Like humans whose blood group is O negative, the Boxers are universal blood donors at the dogs, "explains the owner of Winston.

So, every month, the dog goes to the hospital, and by supporting the ugly needle of the nurses, he saves lives!

A painful

It is not far back when it was Winston who needed help ...

The poor animal lived in terrible conditions before to be adopted by his new family. Beaten, barely fed, never washed, it was hard to see when a second chance was happily offered.

Today, Winston still wears on his back the scars reminding his sad past. But there is a fulfilled dog . He is even married! His wife's name is Libby. It was the children of the family who united them, believing that they had to be married to be able to shower together!

After a very difficult first life, Winston was extremely lucky to be able to live with them a second in a home where he is cherished .

By giving blood, and by offering other dogs the opportunity to live happily and in good health, it renders a In some ways it has been given .

Like humans, dogs and cats need blood in certain emergency situations. Do not hesitate to talk to your veterinarian if you want to help these animals!