After an exemplary career, a police dog receives a medal in the Drôme

Yesterday morning in the Drôme, a bronze medal was given to a police officer for an act of courage and dedication. A special ceremony because the recipient of this award is a dog ! A female Belgian Shepherd Malinois, whose good and loyal service to the narcotics team deserved to be underlined.

The dog, named Finale, served and helped fight against drug trafficking for eight long years in the Drôme. Accompanied by her dog handler Philippe, she allowed the seizure of 700 kilograms of drugs , and confused about 450 people taking part in their traffic.

Exceptional reward

For the director of the National Police of the Drôme, this medal ceremony to a police dog was a first . But according to him, this exceptional dog deserved a ceremony worthy of his actions . And it is indeed he who asked that his career be rewarded.

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Because this illustrious career is coming to an end soon. Finale will cease his activity on the team of stups next month. A well-deserved retirement, she will spend with none other than her beloved dog handler. Because between this agent and his four-legged teammate, there is a particularly strong bond of affection and complicity , which can only be understood after so many years spent working together. Philippe therefore decided to adopt Finale , to spend his old days serenely with him.