After 6 years of wandering and leaks, this dog finally has a home

Snakebite is the name of a dog who lived for 6 years in the streets of the city of Elko, in Nevada, USA, before finally being caught to live with a loving family.

A hotdog dog

The crossed Basset Hound survived thanks to the inhabitants of the city who have attached themselves he and he have been offering food for all these years. The dog particularly liked the hotdogs that the spectators gave him during the sports events organized at the Elko Head Start School.

Snakebite was abandoned by its owners in front of a motel 6 years ago. Since then, he had taken up residence near the highway, without ever being caught by the city's animal control officers.
The dog was " far too clever " to be deceived by traps, treats, and other methods used to capture stray dogs, says Cindy Danielson, the animal control worker who finally managed to bring Snakebite back with her.

A shock duo

It's in the establishment where he came to pick up his hotdogs that the dog was found. And he was not alone when the school's employees contacted animal control. For several months, Snakebite wandered with another dog , a possible Chow-Chow crossed Border Collie, an escape specialist too.

Cindy had a hard time believing she was finally in front of Snkabite, ready to be brought to the shelter with his traveling companion.

" One of the employees assured me that these dogs were adorable and they both came to me and are licking my hand and shaking their tails, then they let me put leash "she says

If Snakebite limp slightly, it seems to be in good shape . Adopted very soon after his arrival at the shelter, he is all the more happy that the family who has fallen for him has also had a crush on his boyfriend.