After 3 years of wandering, a dog is finally adopted

Baby Girl received for Christmas the most beautiful gift of which she could dream: a family! A real miracle for this bitch who spent three years in the street after being abandoned when she was still a baby...

Saved by a village

This a beautiful tale-like story is reported by the association Richland Animal Rescue, which on its Facebook page has published several photos of the bitch finally accepting to be held on a leash

Baby Girl is well known to people in the city of Richland, USA. She survived these 3 long years with their help.

But every time we tried to capture her, Baby Girl escaped .

But on December 22, the life of the dog has changed. After a severe ice storm hit the area, Robert Nash, a retired veterinarian, saw Baby Girl who had taken refuge under the steps of a local company.

With her daughter and her daughter son, he managed to catch the dog, to take him home. She will stay there, warm, waiting for a family to adopt her for life.

Baby Girl a year ago, wandering the streets of Richland

The most beautiful gifts

This news of course delighted all the inhabitants of the city . " I'm so happy to know this dog is safe, it's a real relief and the best Christmas present says Jackie Bullard. This Richland resident and volunteer at a shelter has fed Baby Girl every day for over two years.

When the little dog is well adapted to life in a home, with loving and caring humans, it will be proposed to adoption, however, if her foster family does not decide to keep her at his side.