After 3 years of legal struggle, soon school for Noah and Glinka the assistance dog?

In turn, since 2014, Rectorate of Versailles, academic inspection and administrative court refused to Glinka , Noah's accompanying dog - a young autistic - access to school on the grounds that she was not a guide dog. A recent legal victory could however change the situation.

Last April, Noah's 10-year-old mother started a real showdown with the institutions. Autistic, his young boy suffers from anguish and needs the precious and daily help of Glinka, his assistance dog delivered by the Handi'chiens association. If the school and parents have never objected to the Golden Retriever's presence in the classroom, permissions should be requested. And it is there that the rubbish: rectorate of Versailles, Departmental House of Disabled Persons (MDPH) and General Council of Val d'Oise barrage .

A first trial won on appeal

Each of these institutions refuses to recognize the usefulness of the dog to an autistic child while he has an 80% disability rate: "the service dogs are an empty box" in the Val d'Oise, only guide dogs are accepted, "they argued.

But after the harvest of more than 23,400 signatures on a online petition , the foundation of an association to inform and help families whose children suffer from autism and a recently won court case at the Court of Appeal of Amiens, things are getting ready to move. Noah and Glinka should soon be able to have the pleasure of going to class together, paw in hand.

The utility of the service dog, finally legally recognized

November 17, after almost three years of battle , the court ruled: the department's MDPH was "forced by court order to officially recognize that the service dog with an autistic child is a real help to improve its autonomy." , the fight continues

The Elk for Noah

On January 31st at 9:30 am, a new hearing will take place. It will oppose - for the last time - the administrations to the family of Noah and Glinka. In the meantime, the virtual mobilization continues: do not hesitate to sign the petition. A service dog, is more than a pet dog for his master since it is a support without fault, a best friend.

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