Advantages and Disadvantages of BARF

Benefits of BARF food for the dog

- Reduced stools , less odorous
- Body odor and breath less strong
- Taste pleasures
- Raw bones maintain good oral health (prevent tartar formation leading to periodontal disease); gnaw on the jaws and the head, and it is a fun occupation for the dog
- Better Quality of life and longevity

Disadvantages of BARF food for the dog

- Beware of obstruction and perforation problems caused by bone ingestion. Cous, back and wings of chickens may be too small for some dogs and cause choking or even risk of bone compaction in the intestines. Not to mention wear and tooth fractures . To watch closely! One method of prevention is to monitor bone ingestion by encouraging the dog to first eat the softer cartilage portion and remove the hard part when it is finished. Recreational bones such as beef patella and carrier bones (legs) of herbivorous mammals are prohibited.
- The benefits of this highly meaty diet depend on the meat quality . In the classical circuits of the civilized world, a large proportion of them contain too many chemicals, hormones and medicines. Prefer the liver of traditionally reared animals
- The bacteriological quality of meat must be perfect, otherwise beware of salmonellosis poisoning (poultry and eggs), E. coli (beef), and to the risk of transmission to the human family if good hygiene principles are not respected.
- Investment quite time-consuming for the supply, storage and preparation of meals (but a double-edged argument because "Practitioners" claim the happiness of contributing to the well-being of their dogs.)
- Any natural diet must be adapted to the specific needs of each dog , in terms of quantity and composition. Many "barfers" found that the amount of bone recommended by Dr. Billinghurst was too much. Use your common sense to adapt the contents of the bowl to your pet's reactions
- Be careful of the zeal in the use of supplements. Sometimes the best (the excess of redundant additions) is the enemy of the good (just right)
- The daily ration of an adult dog contains more calcium and phosphorus than the doses Means recommended by nutritionists... in times of growth
- Ration too rich for less active dogs
- May be a problem of bioavailability of vitamins and minerals

How to pass BARF?

Any change of diet disrupts the body of the dog , hence the need for a transition. Introduce each new food alone to identify any allergies, decreasing as the portion distributed in the form of kibble.

For a medium or large dog, for example you can start with chicken legs that you will hold on one side while your companion chews the meat. For a small animal , for example, choose for quail. The first two weeks, your dog's body may suffer from gastric reflux, or even diarrhea or vomiting. Food enzymes can help it, or lacking the lactic ferments of a simple yogurt.