Adorable: a baby Husky poses with the US team

That's next month the Stochi Winter Olympics will take place. The teams are of course more than ready to start the competition, and the time of the presentations has arrived.

The members of the American team have taken the pose, to reveal their faces to the public. But they were not alone during their photo shoot. An adorable hairy man invited himself on clichés : a Husky puppy so cute that he steals the show from all the sportsmen in whose arms he snuggled

The devastating charm of the baby Husky

Sometimes serious, sometimes very happy, the puppy takes the pose like a pro. He even gratifies us on some pictures of devastating smiles!

He seems to have had a good time with his new two-legged friends. All without exception fell under his spell . But it seems that the ball of hair has set its sights on a beautiful blonde!

Just for the pleasure of the eyes, discover some pictures of the little Husky

The adorable puppy would have fallen under the spell of the beautiful snowboarder Chas Guldemond?

In any case, he melted the beautiful Hannah Teter, a snowboard champion also

A true slayer, he also managed to charm the pretty skier Keri Herman

Tucked in the arms of Steve Holcomb , bobsled champion, the baby Husky seems delighted!

In the arms of snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis, he reveals his best smile

A nap is needed, in the arms of Justin Reiter

Or in those of the pretty skater Ashley Wagner