Adorable! A cat adopts... a piglet! (Video of the day)

It is not rare to see dogs or cats adopt orphaned animals. A few days ago, we told you the story of a wandering bitch who took a small abandoned kitten under her wing...

But this time it's a little more surprising family that made us crack. In Romania, a cat became the adoptive mother... of a piglet !

After giving birth to a litter of 4 kittens , she simply decided to take care of a 5th baby! Cat or pig, whatever! Animals do not make differences, and do not tire to prove it to us.

How not to melt in front of this little pig snuggled against his mother and his adoptive brothers and sisters ?

This feline and pig family is certainly not like the others, but it is all the more adorable!

A family like no other!

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