Adorable! A baby and a cat meet for the first time! (Video)

What's more wonderful than the first encounter of a child and his animal? It is at this magical moment that we are witnessing a video that keeps moving the Internet!

When this baby discovered the newly adopted cat of the family, it seems to have been like love at first sight! Immediately, he put his head against the feline , and the latter then began to lick his head:

happy moment... or dangerous?

This sweet moment of tenderness makes a real buzz on the web: the video has been viewed more than 5 million times! However, contrary to appearances, the cat is probably not kisses to his little human, but to tell him rather gently to let go of the legs... This video is not as cute as it is

This video is especially an opportunity to remember that it is essential to monitor children who are with animals. It is also essential to teach them the respect of the animal from an early age

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