Adopted, this one-eyed cat has become... a guard cat!

Although it is one-eyed, it can be said that Manny the cat has the; ig il il!!!!! Thanks to him, a burglar who was going to attack his master's house could be arrested.

Andrew, a resident of the city of Adelaide, Australia, adopted Manny as he wandered in the street. street. The kitten was then only 5 months old but life had not spoiled him: he had already lost a " " in a fight with other cats.

This handicap did not stop Andrew from taking care of this little feline. Between them, it was obvious. Soon, Manny adapted to the life of his rescuer, to the point of knowing exactly what time he used to get up. Every morning he woke him up to make him understand that it was breakfast time. But that morning, his awakening was much more alarming than usual, as Andrew explains in this video:

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The cat wailed in a disturbing manner

Worried by this unusual meowing, Andrew got out of bed and went to the dining room. It was there that he saw... a foreigner ! Keeping his cool, Andrew then asked him what he was doing there. Panicked, the intruder did not answer and simply went through the door at the back of the house... exactly as he had entered!

Andrew had the good habit of photographing the license plate of the car of the burglar . He then went to the police station to file a complaint. And thanks to his testimony, a 45-year-old man was arrested.

Andrew will forever be grateful to his cat. Without him, the burglar could have stolen many valuables without him realizing it. For him, Manny is not just an adorable pet cat. It's also the most fearsome of guard cats !

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