Adopted by monks, this stray dog ​​now lives in a monastery

Brother Mustache, this is the name given to this dog, become a monk in a Bolivian monastery. Far from the streets where he wandered a long time, this brave doggie is now the emblem of this place of worship.

It is the symbol of the monastery of St. Francis of Cochabamba, Bolivia. This Saint being known as the patron of animals, according to the Franciscan order, it was natural that the monks reach out to a dog in need. Brother Mustache wandered for a long time near the monastery. So instead of leaving him to himself, the religious decided to make him... a monk!

Here Brother Mustache

Now dressed in a habit, Brother Mustache has a roof, a bowl , and especially receives a lot of affection . The faithful who come to pray at the monastery never fail to have a tender gesture towards him.

Brother Mustache is loved by all the monks

"Here, all the brothers love him very much. He is a creature of God, "said one of the monks at The Dodo . And to add: "If only all the churches of our country adopted a dog and took care of it, we are sure that the parishioners would follow the same example .

Brother Mustache runs everywhere in the monastery !

Brother Mustache prays for the fish!

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