Adopt a virtual dog with Dogzer

Adopt a virtual animal is the solution when you dream of having a dog but, for various reasons, it's impossible. It is also a good idea if you plan to buy one but you do not know how to handle it. If this is your case, Dogzer is there for that!

Very playful, the site Dogzer proposes to adopt a dog, after having chosen from different races. Once the breed is chosen, you take care of your pet from birth and throughout his life. So you see it evolve, grow... with time but also with the attention that you devote to it!

Be vigilant: it's up to you to control your level of hygiene, strength, health, it is up to you to feed him, to play with him... And especially do not forget to sleep in his niche before the night because otherwise he will wake up groggy the next morning!

At first, the concept may appear a little frivolous. But by leaning closer, we discover a lot of very useful features : the different dog breeds, their particularities, their needs...

But above all, you are guided from A to Z in the care and education of your dog. For those who already have an animal or want to buy one, all these tips are welcome! And for others, being able to take care of a virtual dog will at least have the gift of entertaining you.

Even if, it is true, they will never replace our companions of flesh and hair!