Adopt Patmol, the dog of the movie Harry Potter

Padfoot played the wizard's avatar Sirius Black in the 3rd installment of the Harry Potter saga , The prisoner of Azkaban .

Yes, remember, Sirius Black is a animagus , that is, a wizard with the ability to transform into an animal

Berry , the dog that played the role of Padfoot, is now 10 years and he lives in animal shelter from Great Britain where he patiently waits to be adopted by a charitable soul.

But how can a dog who played in a saga of worldwide success find himself today in a dog shelter

No star retreat for Padfoot

His master, a stuntman and dog trainer for the film , travel a lot and lack of time to take care of his animals.

« I spend a lot of time outside the house and the dogs deserve more wait I do not give them. It was a difficult decision to make, but I realized that it's best for him.

It's still unfortunate to be sheltered at this advanced age ; everyone knows that senior dogs are less likely to find a new home.

Hopefully Berry's alias Patmol will help him find a loving and caring home.