Adopt a cat... thanks to a mouse! (Video)

Here is a brilliant invention that will certainly make speak about it in shelters in the coming months. An American engineer developed a system of articulated arms holding cat toys and equipped with cameras, all computer-controlled thanks to Internet .

their settlement in an Idaho shelter and animal welfare society in Oregon, USA, more than 90,000 visitors from 112 countries were able to play with kittens. This technology, dubbed IPetCompanion ("Virtual Pet Companion"), is already a great success since requests from all over the country have been made to the company that produces it.

A technology of public utility

One of the goals of the program is to increase adoptions by letting potential adopters play with cats without having to go to the shelter. And it works ! Adoptions are up by 16 per cent in the two centers where the machines are installed.

But people interested in adoption are not the only ones to use this ingenious system. Some users are people who can not have chat, either because of building rules, allergies or other reasons. people with disabilities with reduced mobility can also play with small balls of hair

Maybe you think that if it's fun for the man, what is the interest? for cats? In reality, having humans available to play full-time with cats can be good for their mental and physical health .

As this author and researcher in animal behavior at the University of Zurich in Switzerland:

"The basic idea of ​​an online chat room is ideal for someone who, for one reason or another, can not play with their own cat. For kittens, this helps to socialize them, reduce boredom at the shelter and promote adoption.

It is known that the priority of shelters is above all to be able to provide for animals (food, care...) until they are adopted (if they are a day). But let's hope that this great initiative has the success it deserves outside the US borders. To believe this video, the tomcats seem to enjoy the IPet as it should!

Chat vs Ipet: who will win?