Actress Hilary Swank rescues stray dogs in Bucharest

Hilary Swank , Oscar-winning actress for her role in " Million Dollar Baby , has just made thousands of friends in Bucharest, the capital of Romania

These new friends are stray dogs for which she came to fight.

In love with dogs, Hilary Swank traveled from the United States with her own dog, Kai , a Jack Russell she has adopted in a shelter

In the Romanian capital, the actress visited a animal welfare association which has set up projects to encourage interactions between stray dogs and citizens

Bringing together abandoned children and animals

Bucharest has 35,000 stray animals , and their fate is widely debated in the capital . For some, they have to be euthanized , others want them to be placed in animal shelters .

Finally, there are those like Hilary Swank who are fighting for that these stray animals be sterilized and entrusted to new masters. The actress goes further by stating that an animal can help disillusioned people .

" I think a pet can really help those kids who no longer believe in nothing and no one says Hilary Swank . She adds, " The unconditional love of an animal is beneficial to young people, it teaches them to build a relationship, to become responsible, to control their anger. "

elsewhere an operation to bring needy children and animals closer to her home in the USA

A meeting that changed everything

What convinced her that animals and humans can helping one another in distress is when she visited a retirement home in which a accompanying dog changed the life of an old lady.

" There was this woman who did not want to go out of bed. After several weeks of visiting the dog, she got up every time he came.

In Bucharest, Hilary Swank did her best to make people believe in a policy of sterilization and then adoption of stray dogs , not euthanasia. We congratulate it!