Actor Tom Hardy mourns the dog he has saved

The British star is in mourning. His faithful companion, Woodstock, died a few days ago of a rare disease and Tom Hardy paid him a vibrant homage on the Web.

Tom Hardy just lost his best friend. Last week, his dog Woodstock died at the age of 6 from polymyositis, a rare disease that causes muscle inflammation and degeneration. His disappearance plunged the 39-year-old actor into deep sorrow. The star of Mad Max wanted to give him a long and moving tribute to his Tumblr. "It is with a very great sadness and heavy heart that I inform you that after a very difficult and short six-month battle against Polymyositis, Woody died . He was too young to leave us and we are devastated by his death.

A survivor

In his heartbreaking message, he returns to his meeting with the dog he crossed the road, literally in 2012. He was eleven weeks old and the actor had saved while he was wandering. "I'll never forget that night. (...) The first time I saw Woodstock, he was running on the highway toll where we were shooting Lawless in the dark night on Atlanta's Peachtree Street. He was a stray dog, he was eleven weeks old. We thought 'Come on, we'll get this dog'. We were not even sure it was one. He was a survivor .

Without knowing how to get his attention or how to approach him, he had whistled. The dog had stopped. Then he ran towards him, grunting and showing his teeth. But rather than biting Tom Hardy, he let him take him in his arms and fell asleep on his legs in the car that took him to his new home . "He wore a red bandana that he has never left since and religiously drank in the bathroom all night long despite the bowls of water we served him," he remembers.

Woody leaves a great emptiness behind him

"He gave me the greatest joy that can be given to a master. And he was the best friend after Max died (...) It was an angel . And he was my best friend. We went through so much together. (...) The world was better for me with him by my side. Tom Hardy also released a 9-minute video tribute to Woody, nicknamed "The Light of My Life," which accompanied him to the red carpet and filming.

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