Accustomed to the same cemetery, a woman and a cat escape each other

What a touching story that of Roza Katovitch and the cat Miss Tuxedo. These two lonely souls have beautifully found themselves , and in a way, have saved one of them other.

"She never left me alone"

At a colony in Colma, San Francisco, USA, the 56-year-old woman and the black and white cat were are encountered, reports the website . Roza sometimes spent several hours a day near the grave of his companion, tragically deceased 14 years ago. Roza and Rich watched a movie, quietly lying on their couch, when the forty-year-old succumbed to an aneurysm. Three days later, Roza's father would die too. Stunned by grief, Roza sank into depression. Unable to return to work, she lost her apartment. Roza went from motels to motels, finding real refuge only 'in the cemetery, where she crossed every day the same stray cats .

She gave names to some of them: Doobie , Piggy, Bonnie Baby, Miss Tuxedo. But with the latter, she has a very special relationship, as soon as the cat has adopted it.

"I do not know why, but Miss Tuxedo started following me everywhere. For a long time, she refused me Then I was able to caress her tail, then her head, one day she let me scratch her ears, and since then, she never left me alone " -t it. "I was fixing a vase for Rich, and she was pushing her head under my hands, it was like saying," No, no, love me. ""

"I had never seen such love between person and animal "

Over the days and weeks, a deep friendship has developed between Roza and Miss Tuxedo. The cat helped her man fight the grief and Roza took care of her. When she needed to take her to the vet, another visitor to the cemetery, touched by the duo, settled the bill.

Victoria Lewis, a film producer, was tracking at the cemetery when she saw Roza and her cat. "I got to know them, and I'm going to be honest, I've never seen such a love between a person and an animal . Roza just has a big heart," she says. "These two homeless creatures found solace in one another, it really gives hope."

Thanks to the presence of Miss Tuxedo by her side, Roza found the courage to resume her life in hands. Last year, she got a home and it was last December that she moved there, with her companion 4-legged course. "I was allowed to take it with me, my doctor told me my life depended on it, I guess it's true," she says.