According to this survey, 38% of people prefer their dog to their spouse!

Are you in love with a dog owner? Run away ! In any case what this study could make us say...

The dog is the best friend of the man, certainly, but it seems now that this friendship can take over the love.

Pooch Perks, a pet subscription service, conducted a survey of nearly 1,000 dog owners in the United States. In an attempt to find out how much these people could hold to their animals, they found that the most hairy companion often outweighed the human.

Indeed, 38% of those surveyed admit to having more love to their canine than to their lover . " Our dogs are more than animals, they are companions who provide emotional support and joy in our lives" justifies Tina Vidal, president of Pooch Perks, in a statement.

The loss of a dog causes more grief than a breakup

Still according to this study, on a scale of 1 to 10, the masters would be devastated to a power 9 in the face of the disappearance of their dog, against 8.8 for a break with their beloved.

So, would not these Americans have met the great love or simply trust the fidelity of their dog?