According to science, larger dogs live shorter

American students recently published a study explaining why the smaller dogs lived older than their taller counterparts

Everything is because of free radicals! Already in humans, these unstable chemical molecules produced in small quantities by the body have no good reputation: in excess, they are responsible for the premature aging of the skin and would also be guilty of degenerative diseases like that of Alzheimer's or cancers. A phenomenon that seems to have no inter-species barrier since even domestic dogs do not escape their misdeeds. This is indeed what the results of students from Colgate University (USA) reveal, and which were presented at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology annual meeting a little earlier this month. And the bigger a dog is, the higher its free radicals rate is...

The bodies of the largest dogs produce more free radicals

To reach this conclusion, the young scientists put in culture samples of skin coming from dogs having neither the same race nor necessarily the same age. They then made various measurements to determine the free radical content of each sample. And according to their results, the puppies of the larger breeds had a higher free radical rate than puppies of the smaller breeds. The reason ? The faster growth of the first cities... which would produce more waste which are other than the free radicals.

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