Accompanied by his cats, this couple recreated famous movie scenes

Their cats? These are their muses. This British couple wants to make it known by making them real little stars of the Web.

The account Instagram @ MovieCats has only a few weeks of life and already one thing is sure: he will make a lot of people talk about him. Why ? Because it's owned by David and Sarah, lovers who have had an idea as simple as hilarious: make their cats Tara and Willow the heroes of cult movies, reported The Dodo . How? Well, they recreate the most famous scenes of these deniers... and incorporate their adorable felines in!


Instagram photo by Movie Cats


Instagram photo by Movie Cats

"This can to be a challenge to have them cooperate, "said the owners. However, they are doing pretty well by rewarding them with treats.


Instagram Photo by Movie Cats


Instagram Photo by Movie Cats

"We will continue to do. It's a fun way to spend a Sunday, "they also delivered.

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