Bad Bull Terrier, a dog, discovers the pleasure of a cozy bed for the first time

Picked up by an American shelter last September, Millie had never known the warmth of a sweet home. Until the day she passed Jill Stafford...

Seven-year-old Millie, a female Bull Terrier, was rescued last September by the Pibbles and More Animal Rescue. Victim of human cruelty, it has been terribly neglected. The shelter's volunteers observed that she had several litters and thought - though not really sure - that she had spent most of her life locked up.

So we can easily understand her excitement when He discovered the joys of rolling in a cozy bed for the very first time in his life, soon after his adoption. A very intense scene picked up by Jill Stafford, her new "mom."

Millie learns about beds. Hilarious

Posted by Jill Stafford on Thursday 5 November 2015

Today adapted to family life, it is much better and makes the happiness of its loved ones.

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