Abandoned in the street, this rabbit refuses to leave his companion dead

Last week, residents of the city of Hayward, California, attended a sad scene: in the street, the corpse of a rabbit visibly hit by a car, and by his side, a second rabbit, alive, refusing to leave his companion . Very touching photos were published on social networks.

Rescued by the fate of the unfortunate animal, residents contacted an animal welfare association that quickly intervened. But catching him was not easy. The frightened rabbit made them run. It was only after several days that the volunteers finally managed to capture him. He was then not far from where his companion died.

The rabbit, a small female, was taken care of by a shelter. Named Maslow, she was entrusted to a foster family quickly became her family for life . The woman who welcomed her to her home has indeed taken love for the adorable rabbit who now lives with two other friends: Eleni and Tyrion

© Erin Ramsey / Facebook

© The Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue / Facebook

"Domestic rabbits can not survive alone outdoors"

His companion was also recovered by the association, which posthumously named it Hope (Hope ) and offered him a burial.

Maslow's story ends in a great way, but his rescuers insist on what to remember. Very fragile, "domestic rabbits can not survive alone outside," says The Rabbit Rescue Rabbit Burrow on Facebook. "They do not have enough wild instincts and will starve, killed by predators or in this very sad case, hit by a car."

© Erin Ramsey / Facebook

Maslow and his new family ( © Kimberley McCall /Facebook).

Every year in the same period, in the United States as in France and many other countries where Easter is celebrated, shelters note a large increase in rabbit abandonments . Offered as gifts to children, unfortunate animals are often abandoned within weeks or even days of their purchase or adoption...

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