Abandoned in a phone booth, this dog could not even lie down

Barry was found injured and slowly recovered.

This Saluki crusader was found in South London, locked up in a The cell phone was too narrow for him to lie down when he was visibly injured in the right front leg and completely exhausted. Fortunately, he was spotted by the client of a pub who immediately called the police who called on Emma Semple of Furry Friends Animal Rescue who did not hesitate a second to make moving from home to help the poor dog. "When I put my arm under him to lift him, he collapsed . I put him in my car and he fell asleep immediately, he was exhausted and in a lamentable state, "she explains to The Dodo .

Neglected for days

Barry was visibly hit by a car . His shoulder fractured state, he had blood in his lungs and had trouble breathing, an ear injury and was infested with fleas. According to the veterinarian, his accident had lasted a week or two, and his teachers had not deigned to have him treated. "When he finally collapsed, they abandoned him. He can not walk so the one who did it had to wear it and watch it suffer all that time.

The first vet who examined him was not very confident and thought he would have to be amputated because his nerves were affected but after a night of rest and treatment, Barry showed signs improvement and was almost able to skip. "He surprised us all. An osteopath saw his radios and said he would heal naturally with time and a lot of love. The nerve that we thought was irreparably damaged managed itself. He underwent surgery to place a metal plate on his shoulder and was placed in a foster home where he received all the attention and hugs he needed.

His recovery will take time but when he gets better, he can find a new home for life. "He should have a normal life and eventually be able to run and play without a box.

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