Abandoned in a mail box with a very damaged eye, this kitten has metamorphosed!

Discovered in a mailbox on a hot summer day in West Virginia, this three year old kitten week has had a very difficult start to life

That's Nestle

This adorable little ball of hair was discovered by an employee of an animal shelter in their box. letters . A discovery all the more shocking that the outside temperature was important, and the kitten suffering. He also had a glued . Immediately, the volunteer retrieves the animal to take it to a cooler place and start treating it.

"We got Nestle back on June 12th. He was barely three weeks old, was severely dehydrated, infested with fleas, and malnourished with a

infection and constipation, "explains Kat Null, who has taken care of the kitten. L'oelig he was so bad that the kitten was going to lose him, but Kat refused to come to that point and decided to fight for him

. After two days of good care, the kitten had already regained weight and even began to do his needs! Day after day, the kitten learns to be a kitten by discovering toys, taking pleasure in sleeping...

A true rebirth

After several days, Nestle's eye starts to get better. Each day it opens a little more and the kitten sees a little better " Nestle is very strong


Two weeks later, Nestle's baby had returned to normal and the kitten could see normally. This is new evidence that with a good dose of love you can do miracles

even when everything seems lost in advance! Today, the little Nestle is perfectly fine and has a lot of fun playing, eating and sleeping. In short, a little cat like the others!