Abandoned in a cellar, two dogs died of starvation

Two Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs were found dead in the basement of a house. Sarlat (Dordogne) a little earlier this month. Their mistress has however forbidden to have abandoned them...

It is a macabre discovery that made the municipal policemen of Sarlat last Tuesday, reported the daily Southwest . Dispatched locally by the inhabitants of the district of the Poulgue because Shar Pei wandered in the corner, entering and leaving a house, they decided to follow the animal. Inspecting the then unoccupied dwelling and from which "a foul odor" escaped, they fell on the remains of two Staffordshire Bull Terriers only three years old.

After investigation, the forces of the Order have established that the bodies found in the cellar of the building were those of two of the three dogs belonging to a young woman of 24 years, part settle in Gironde. The third was Shar Pei, who luckily had managed to escape from the house to provide for his needs. If it should soon be pursued by the prosecutor of Bergerac for animal abuse, the latter denies any liability in this sad case

Domestic violence

"I fled Sarlat. I left for domestic violence. I went to Gironde to a friend to put my children safe, time to return (...). I had an agreement with my ex-spouse who had to treat my dogs. He had the keys to my house. I did not give up my dogs. I thought he came from time to time. If I had known, I would have charged, "has indeed defended the challenge which today incurs a fine up to 750 euros .

For the a petition directly addressed to the public prosecutor was launched this Monday and has already collected more than 6700 signatures.

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