Abandoned five times, this crying Pitbull finally found a family

This lovely dog ​​from Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) has been rejected five times. Unfortunate, he broke the hearts of thousands of netizens with his tears... so much so that they flew to his rescue.

As a stroke of fate, fate has been fierce on him. In spite of his adorable bouille, King - then very young Pitbull in the sand dress - has indeed been abandoned... five times in two years, reported the website The Dodo . Walking from shelters to shelters with each time the threat of being euthanized due to lack of space, the dog - distraught - fell into a deep depression .

Roberta Sà Griner, a volunteer with the Saved by a Flash association, who was hurt by the story of the doggie decided to share it. And it was with a video of the sad state in which the animal finally plummeted that she insisted on getting her message across.

Once out of the refuge where he had been adopted, King was soon there returned Shortly escaping euthanasia , however, he is once again greeted by a family... who will leave him two days later for fear of frightening his entourage . Never two without three: again adopted, he is quickly back to the kennel because his new family lives in an area where the laws concerning the possession of dogs called "dangerous" are very strict. And tirelessly, history repeats itself. Re-adopted, he is still abandoned without cause before becoming the new member of a family that, for lack of means , will get rid of it. We understand better why the hot tears paid by this adorable Pitbull.

Nevertheless, the dog now seems to have found the family he needed. And for good reason, following the publication of the video, the association received no less than 2500 adoption application messages for King. The volunteers were able to sort through this to make sure that this time it will be a "happy end" for the dog.

" It's tears in the eyes that we separate from our dear pensionary. Today, one of the people who viewed King's video adopted it after successfully passing our adoption process. [...] The man spent hours explaining to us why he was the right person. But the most important thing is that King chose . It was amazing to witness King's reaction. He kept moving in all directions and licking his human future. With us, it took months ", they indeed wrote on their Facebook page

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