Abandoned, a dog goes to a police station and finds a job

Wandering in the streets of Bayamón (Puerto Rico), a dog suffering from malnutrition and ill-treatment went to the outskirts of a police station. Under the spell, the Lawmen decided to make him one of them.

"He was scared and sought affection and protection" , Sergeant Tony Monyesinos told The Dodo . And in the face of the dog's distress, the Puerto Rican police officers did not hesitate a single moment: "we gave him food and drink and after eating, he stayed a little with us." The next day, the dog is same income on the spot

Surprised, the officers immediately fell under the spell of this dog who came to give them his friendship despite his painful past. They decided to adopt him... and found him a job by their side!

Baptized Gorgi, the doggie now stands guard in the police station.

"It reduces tensions. Everyone loves him. He will always have what he needs as long as he lives. ", the policeman said.

And the dog seems to have adapted quickly to his new life...

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