Abandoned and in bad shape both, this kitten and this puppy help each other to heal (Video)

King and Laila's healers had a very good idea to make them meet each other when they both needed a lot of attention and love.

Sometimes all you need to get better is a friend and that's exactly what which King and Laila Ali were missing when they arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society shelter. The 8-month-old puppy was cared for with a broken paw. But his injury was several months old and had never been treated. The vets unfortunately had to amputate him but his life was saved. As he was slowly recovering from his operation, a 4-week-old kitten in a worrying state was collected.

Companions of Misfortune

Laila Ali was severely anemic and had to be monitored and looked after 24 hours a day . "She fights like hell to survive," says the association at Love Meow . While King was crying for attention and not being alone, the little cat was desperately meowing for some love. "So our veterinarians decided to put them together to see if they could reassure each other .

Emily Davis Bewley

And that's exactly what it was product. They who went through so many trials immediately understood each other. In contact with King, Laila began to purr like an engine and fell asleep in her paws, filling the dog with happiness. The next day, the two animals seemed to get better and were walking around the room, the little kitten following his canine big brother as his shadow. They have become so close and their meeting has helped them so much in their healing that the refuge hopes they can be adopted together to never be separated.

Emily Davis Bewley

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