A young woman saves a young kitten and becomes his new mother

A newly born kitten was spotted by a couple in a parking corner as he mewed... softened by the ball of hair, the lovers took the decision to take the newborn with them to save his life.

"She was found in San Sebastian, in the church parking lot. My husband heard his meowing from an area at the corner of the parking lot. We had just attended our cousin's wedding there , "said Joey Mead King at LoveMeow .

It was not the first time Joey saved a kitten... she therefore knew that the mother of the animal was indispensable for the well-being and survival of the newborn . Unfortunately, it was not found... "There was so much car that day, the kitten's mom would not want to come back ," Joey said. The young woman made the decision to take the kitten with her.

And while he was crying, Joey wrapped him in a blanket and put it on her... instantly the kitten's crying stopped

The kitten's life quickly became the priority of the

"We rushed home to prepare a basket, a towel and a bottle of milk for the feed ". It was also during the first bottle that the newborn began to purr for the first time

and it was at this point that Joey knew that the kitten would be agree to stay with her for the time of her weaning. In order for the hairball to sleep comfortably and feel at home, her saviors made her a small basket

with a cardboard box, a blanket and a heat lamp... all the panoply to make a kitten as happy as possible. The five weeks that followed, the couple lived around and for the kitten

, which they had to feed all the 3h... they even accumulated sleepless nights to be able to watch him while waiting for the end of weaning.

Shortly after his arrival, the kitten was named Sebastiana aka Sebi, in honor of the place where they found it.

Once saved, Sebi, who grew up well, had the opportunity to discover the world around him outside from his cardboard basket. A curious little being, he immediately began to play the clown before his saviors. Unfortunately, not being able to keep the ball of hair, the couple made sure to find a good family in Sebi: " last month, she was adopted by a good friend who wanted a cat, "said Joey LoveMeow

" She's very good in her new home and she is really loved... and the best part of all this is that I can continue to see her regularly

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